Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) - Domestic Money Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions :: Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) - Domestic Money Transfer

What is JCPay App?

JCPay App is the common mobile app published and managed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) for any merchant associated with any acquiring bank on JCPay App service to allow the merchant to accept payment from a customer of any bank by authenticating the customer’s biometrics (currently only fingerprints) directly from customer’s bank account and receive the sale proceeds instantaneously into merchant’s own bank account. To be able to effect the same, merchant must have an android mobile with the JCPay app and a certified biometric scanner attached with the mobile phone on the USB port and both the merchant and customer should have had linked their Aadhaar numbers to their bank accounts respectively.

What is JCPay Services?

JCPay App Service is the back-end payment service network comprising of merchant’s acquiring bank, customer’s issuer bank and the interbank settlement agency NPCI. Thus, in effect when a customer of SBI tries to transact with a PNB merchant it flows via the JCPay service run by NPCI on which both these banks are certified and live. JCPay app is your one stop shop for mobile recharges, DTH top-ups, landline, electricity and gas bill payments.

Why should i use jcpay app?

JCPay wallet makes your payments as mobile as you are. This friendly wallet app lets you be generous and awesome. You can send money to your dear ones instantly. Save more cash by availing interesting offers and discounts as you shop cash free. And for those who owe you money, send them a request to pay through the App.

What happens when money is debited but is not reflecting in my JCPay wallet?

If the transaction fails and amount is deducted from your bank account, refunds are processed within 24 to 48 working hours to your JCPay wallet.

How do i load/get money in my JCPay wallet?

There are many ways you can load/get money in your wallet

You can recharge your wallet through UPI option/NEFT/RTGS.

What should i do in case fraud has happened on my account?

In such case please file a complaint on your nearest police station. We shall act in your complaint once we receive an email from the police/cyber crime. You may mail at jcpay@jcventures.in to block your JCPay Wallet till such time.

Can i use any credit card/ debit card to load my wallet?

No, We can not currently support loading funds using credit cards, debit cards or Net banking. 

What is convenience fee?

Convenience Fee will be levied for online loading of funds in your JCPay Wallet. The fee amount will be as per the prevailing fee structure and will be displayed before you confirm loading of funds. 

Can the transactions be done on a feature phone?

No. Transactions can only be done on a smart phone OR in case of bank custom JCPAY app, on a device as specified by your acquiring bank with a certified biometric scanner attached.

Is there any limit on the value of transactions in JCPay App?

The current limit is Rs 10,000/- per transaction, however this will be reviewed and changed from time to time.

In how many languages is JCPay available?

Currently JCPay App is only available in English. More languages will be enabled soon.

Can I use JCPay App outside India?

No, currently the JCPay Application pay Service is available only in India

What is Aadhaar Enabled Payment System?

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System is a payment service empowering a bank customer to use Aadhaar as his/her identity to access his/ her respective Aadhaar enabled bank account and perform basic banking transactions like balance enquiry, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, remittances through a Business Correspondent.

What are the services available under Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)?

Under AEPS currently following services are present:

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Aadhaar Pay
  • Cash Withdrawal

What are the benefits of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)?

  • Aadhaar enabled Payment System is easy to use, safe and secure payment platform to avail benefits by using Aadhaar number & biometrics, it eliminates the threat of any fraud and non-genuine activity.
  • Aadhaar enabled Payment System facilitate disbursements of Government entitlements like NREGA, Social Security pension, Handicapped Old Age Pension etc. of any Central or State Government bodies using Aadhaar authentication.
  • Reaching the unreached - The model enable banks to extend financial services to the unreached clients beyond their branch network as beneficiaries of the agents are mostly located at unbanked and underbanked areas. 

What are the benefits of eKYC?

eKYC as a product has following benefits: 

  1. Paperless. 
  2. Cost effective
  3. Prevent Identity hacking and forged documents 
  4. Safe & Secure 

Who is issuer Bank?

Issuer is the bank in which the user hold his/her account and Aadhaar is mapped for doing Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) Transactions. 

What is RRN No.?

RRN number is a 12 digit number generated to record the transaction.

What if the money sent has not reached its desired destination?

In this case please check the details you have entered are correct or not. Also check with the recipient if he/she has completed the process of registering for JCPay App. If the details are correct and the recipient is a JCPay App customer, please contact us at our customer care mail at jcpay@jcventures.in

Frequently Asked Questions :: Merchants

I am a new merchant, how do I get on-boarded and start accepting payments on JCPay App?

Please follow the steps below:

  • Enquiry generate through SM/JC Care /Retailer / Web Portal.
  • Enquiry Form:- Name, Location, Mobile Number, Email Address, Business Name, Business Type.
  • After generating the enquiry SM / JC Care/Retailer will contact to applicant & explain them business model.
  • SM/ JC Care/Retailer will collect all document from applicant then get payment done through payment gateway.
  • After all approvals Head office Executive will create his/her agent ID.
  • When once agent ID created the Head office executive will mail all the details of agent to technical executive for installation of JCPay Application.
  • After above all process the technical executive will provide training to the applicant.

Can a merchant on-board with more than one bank?

Yes, if he has a compelling reason/ need to on-board with multiple banks. Normally, this is not needed and may be avoided.

Who will provide the biometric scanner?

We may provide the same to the merchant or some may ask to procure from the certified list of scanner directly from the market. Hence, please check with the bank of your choice.

How does JCPay Aadhaar verify my mobile number?

Currently, while new merchant registration, this is basis an OTP verification sent out to the mobile number specified. This may change to app initiated outgoing encrypted SMS, which will happen in a transparent manner with no interaction with the user.

What is required to be input on JCPay App to accept payment from customer?

Merchant must enter customer’s bank, Aadhaar number, amount and fingerprint to initiate the transaction.

If a customer has multiple accounts linked to his Aadhaar number, which account will be debited for making the payment?

Primary account associated with Aadhaar.

How do I check the status of the last or previous transactions?

Please check transaction history. Currently, the app shows today’s transactions only but it may support last 7 days transactions in future.

JCPay Aadhaar app shows status of last transaction as “pending” but I have received message of successful credit of the transaction value. What should I do?

Such transactions are successful but you can call your JCPay helpdesk and be sure before honouring the transaction and render goods or services to the customer.

Whom should I contact if I have issues with accepting payments?

Please write us on jcpay@jcventures.in.

I have other issues with the app. What should I do?

You can email us on jcpay@jcventures.in

Frequently Asked Questions :: Customers

Who can use JCPay App to make payments to participating merchants?

Any resident of India holding a valid Aadhaar number and having an Aadhaar linked bank account may use JCPay Aadhaar for purchasing goods/services at merchant locations offering such services.

Can the transactions be done with a debit/ credit card?

No, these are Card Not Present transactions i.e. transactions can be performed without having any card.

Does the customer need to carry Aadhaar Card for transacting?

Carrying Aadhaar card is not mandatory. But, linking Aadhaar Number with Bank account is a pre-requisite.

Does the customer specifically need to register to be able to transact through JCPay App ?

Ideally No, but linking Aadhaar Number with Bank account is a pre-requisite. However, registration process shall be as per the procedures laid down by the Issuer bank providing the service. Please check from the bank where you hold the Aadhaar linked bank account.

What happens if a customer enters an incorrect Aadhaar Number or chooses a Bank where he doesn’t have an account?

If the customer enters incorrect Aadhaar number/ selects an incorrect bank where he/ she does not have an Aadhaar linked bank account, the transaction will decline with an appropriate response message.

How will the customer know that the transaction has been completed successfully?

The status of the transaction will be available on the merchant’s mobile primarily. The customer will also receive an SMS from his/her Bank if registered for mobile alerts.

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